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Property Management


Not surprisingly, the biggest concern for every property owner is leaving their home in someone else’s care, so finding the right property manager is not easy.  Most management packages include more or less the same services and cost similar amounts, and this only makes the choice even tougher.

As Vallarta Getaways has grown over the years, we have found that the most important factor for our clients is to feel confident with their property manager. That means that as a property owner you have a right to expect rapid and personal attention from a professional person with good communication skills who knows your property inside out and is genuinely taking care of it. You need to feel comfortable that your property manager is making good decisions, securing the best value for money on your behalf with regard repairs and maintenance and is putting every effort into marketing your property in the most effective way. Regular, accurate and clear reporting is also something that we know matters a great deal to our owners – after all we are spending your money and we want you to feel happy with the way we do so!

We are a small business, and offer a highly personal, 100% professional service. Our staff are fully bilingual and have expert knowledge of Puerto Vallarta and the vacation rentals and property management industry. We all have years of experience and consider ourselves to be totally reliable. We always try to go the extra mile, so you can feel secure and relaxed knowing that we are taking care of your property as carefully as we would our own.
Here is a guide to what we offer, but please feel free to discuss your particular requirements as we are flexible to suit your needs and our monthly rates will be priced accordingly.



Our Property Management package usually includes:


*Weekly property inspections

*24 Hour emergency service

*Arranging for repairs and service

*Paying of utility services, HOA fees

*Paying of annual taxes and bank trust

*Monthly Accounting Statements

*Marketing your property for rentals

*Check in and check out of tenants

*Maintaining your rental calendar

*Organizing and Payment of Staff


For more information, rates etc, please contact

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  1. Barry Ruffin says:

    A group of us were interested in making a trip to Puerto Vallarta from the dates of November 15 thru December 15, 2016 We would need a three bedroom type of configuration. We also wanted to be in some proximity to the beach and the main area of town if possible. We had a modest budget in mind but we’ll be glad to entertain any reasonable properties you may have a listing for. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance.

  2. Edward Brimer says:

    I would like to know the standard fee for your property management services. I am considering buying a vacation condo that I would like to rent out most of the year. Thank you!

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